Conference Programming Committee:

Bakhmet O.N.(co-chair) –  Dr.Sci. (Biol.), RAS Corr. AcademicianDirector GeneralKarRC RAS

Balega Yu. Yu.(co-chair) –  Dr.Sci. (Phys.-Math), RAS Academician, RAS Deputy President

Chichkanov V.P. – Dr.Sci. (Econ.), RAS Corr. Academician, Adviser to RAS President, Member of RAS Social Sciences Department.

Dgebuadze Yu.Yu. – Dr.Sci. (Biol.), RAS Academician, General Biology Chair, Biological Sciences Department RAS

Gliko A.O. – Dr.Sci. (Phys.-Math), RAS Academician, Academician-secretary of the Earth Sciences Department RAS

Filatov N.N. – Dr.Sci. (Geog.), RAS Corr. Academician, Adviser to KarRC RAS Director General, Chief Researcher, Geography and Hydrology Laboratory, NWPI KarRC RAS

Ivanov V.V. – Dr.Sci. (Econ.), RAS Corr. Academician, RAS Deputy President

Ilmast N.V. – Dr.Sci. (Biol.), Deputy Director General for Research Administration, KarRC RAS

Ilyukha V.A. – Dr.Sci. (Biol.), Director, Institute of Biology, KarRC RAS

Ilyikha O.P. – Dr.Sci. (Hist.), Director, Institute of Linguistics, Literature, and History, KarRC RAS

Kashin B.S. – Dr.Sci. (Phys.-Math), RAS Academician, Deputy Academician-secretary of the Mathematical Sciences Department RAS

Kryshen’ A.M. – Dr.Sci. (Biol.), Director, Forest Research Institute, KarRC RAS

Lukina N.V. – Dr.Sci. (Biol.), RAS Corr. Academician, Director, Center of Forest Ecology and Productivity RAS

Maevsky V.I. – Dr.Sci. (Econ.), RAS Academician, Head, Center for Institutional and Evolutionary Economics and Applied Problems of Reproduction, Institute of Economics RAS

Mazalov V.V. – Dr.Sci. (Phys.-Math), Director, Institute of Applied Mathematical Research, KarRC RAS

Makarov N.A. – Dr.Sci. (Hist.), RAS Academician, RAS Deputy President

Morozova T.V. – Dr.Sci. (Econ.), Director, Institute of Economics, KarRC RAS

Mullonen I.I. –  Dr.Sci. (Philol.), RAS Corr. Academician, Chief Researcher, Linguistics Section, ILLH KarRC RAS

Nazarova L.E. – Cand.Sci. (Geog.), Director, Northern Water Problems Institute, KarRC RAS

Nemova N.N. – Dr.Sci. (Biol.), RAS Corr. Academician, KarRC RAS Research Area Leader, Chief Researcher, Laboratory for Ecological Biochemistry, IB KarRC RAS

Ronzhin A.L. – Dr.Sci. (Tech.), Director, St. Petersburg Federal Research Center RAS

Rumyantsev V.A. – Dr.Sci. (Geog.), RAS Academician, Director for Research, RAS Institute of Limnology, St. Petersburg Research Centre Presidium Member

Svetov S.A. – Dr.Sci. (Geol.-Mineral.), Director, Institute of Geology, KarRC RAS

Titov A.F. – Dr.Sci. (Biol.), RAS Corr. Academician, Chief Researcher, Laboratory for Environmental Monitoring and Modeling, Dept. for Multidisciplinary Research, KarRC RAS, Head, Laboratory for Plant Ecophysiology, IB KarRC RAS

Zaika Yu.V. – Dr.Sci. (Phys.-Math), Deputy Director General for Research Administration, KarRC RAS