How to get to Petrozavodsk (Russia)?

If you decide to travel by plain or train whatever country you come from it’s important to arrive at Moscow or Saint-Petersburg first. Then (from Moscow or Saint-Petersburg) the more comfortable way to reach Petrozavodsk is by train.

Trains departing from Moscow:

All the trains depart from the Leningradsky railway station
Number Route Departure Arrival
016A Moscow-Murmansk 00:41 16:32
160B Moscow-Petrozavodsk 15:45 14:10
018A Moscow-Petrozavodsk 21:05 08:15

Trains departing from Saint-Petersburg:

All the trains depart from the Ladozhsky railway station
Number Route Departure Arrival
804 Saint-Petersburg - Petrozavodsk 06:32 11:54
016A Moscow - Murmansk 10:10 16:32
806 Saint-Petersburg - Petrozavodsk 18:00 22:59
022 Saint-Petersburg - Petrozavodsk 21:24 03:05
012A Saint-Petersburg - Petrozavodsk 23:20 06:50
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Planes departing from Moscow:

All the planes depart from the international airport Sheremetyevo.
Route Airline/Airline code Flight Departure Arrival Frequency
Moscow-Petrozavodsk Pobeda/DP 6811 11:25 12:55 Tue
Moscow-Petrozavodsk Pobeda/DP 6811 11:30 13:00 Thu
Moscow-Petrozavodsk Pobeda/DP 6811 09:25 10:55 Sat
Please note: you need to check the flight schedule on the airport website or


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Hostel "For You"
PITER INN Petrozavodsk
Hotel "Frigate"
Hotel "Sacvoyage"
Hotel "Cosmos"
Apart-hotel "1774"
SPA Hotel "Karelia"
“Onezhsky Zamok”
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